New Arrivals
WINNER has customers from all over the world. Most of them from EUR and North America, such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and The Netherlands. In recent years, we have more and more customers from developing countries, like Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and so on. WINNER win the trust of customers with good quality and excellent service.
  • Business Partners:"Winner is the best quality electric ball valve"

    In 2012, a European company engaged in animal husbandry equipment, compared with many ball valve manufacturers, was deeply impressed by the superior capability of our company's OEM/ODM, and started friendly cooperation with our company for 9 years. Through exchanges and discussions, our two parties have developed a three-way DC electric ball valve with a diameter of only 7mm, which is suitable for animal husbandry equipment. The valve media is liquid milk and cleaning fluid, one flow direction is for liquid milk and another flow direction is for cleaning fluid. 

  • Business Partners:" big torque electric ballvalve,only 2S running time."

    In 2015, a customer asked us to develop an actuator with a torque of 20N.m and a running time of only 2S. At that time, the development was difficult and the investment was high, which gave us great development pressure. However, after half a year of hard work, we had actively overcome difficulties and successfully developed an actuator that satisfies the customer. The switching time of the 3-way electric ball valve is less than 2S, and the maximum torque can reach 20N.m. At present, there are few similar products on the market. 

  • Business Partners:"motorized ball valve for beer distribution system"
    At the end of 2019, due to the widespread use of barrel beer in European bars and breweries, customers need to develop a small automatic circulation co ntrol system that can automatically transport the beer to the tap in the bar counter. The beer keg is in the cellar. It needs to use stainless steel three-way electric ball valves and sensors to finishlong-range transmission.  The system display screen can also show the remaining amount of beer kegs, whether the beer kegs are empty or full, then remind the waiter to replace the empty kegs. 

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What We Do ?

Winner Ball Valves Co.,Ltd

WINNER has its own electric ball valve brand "winvall".

WINNER is a manufacturer, mainly producing motorized valve, control valve, balancing valve, electric butterfly valve and thermostat.

WINNER's small motorized ball valve can be used in HVAC system, solar energy system, heat pump, and other industrial equipment.

WINNER has CE, RoHS, ISO9001 certificate and our own patent.
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